Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to maintain white supremacy on social media in 3 simple steps

Step 1:

Do you know anything about privilege, power structures, or institutional oppression? Yes? Good, now pretend that you don't and act hurt and aggrieved any time a group tries to organize to address specific issues. Take for example, oh say... "Black Lives Matter - TORONTO PEACEFUL PROTEST ACTION". Take everything you know about oppression and anti-black racism, and use that as a reason white people are being oppressed by this group. How dare they ask white allies to respectfully concede the space to black protestors? How dare they specifically discuss police violence and murder against black folks? This is segregation, and reverse-racism, and every other "social-justicy"-kinda sounding words you can string together. Folks who are legitimately concerned about addressing oppression may just wind up getting sucked into conversing with you for a day and a half, and those who don't know enough about trolls or white supremacy might just be fooled into taking your side.

Step 2:

Take up space. If it's an online group or comments section of a newspaper, keep posting. It doesn't matter if it's one word or a copy pasta of "How to Make Friends and Influence People". Make sure that no conversations are allowed to go on without your interference. It's much harder for folks to maintain momentum and enthusiasm when they have to spend all their time on you. Suck the air out of the room and if you have to leave, ensure you've brought in more folks to replace you. Pretend you don't know them and are just impressed by how thoughtful and right about the world they are when they, funny enough, parrot your exact talking points.

Step 3:

People are seeing through you and calling you a racist? That's racist! Report their comments that are rightfully telling you off, because there's a far greater chance Facebook will give them a suspension for defending themselves and their rights to focus on black issues than of you receiving any repercussions.

I'm posting this not to encourage trolls, but to point out that this is what they are already doing. These are a few of their tactics. You can see this happening on pages that are supposed to be dedicated to supporting the family of Mike Brown and other victims of police-sanctioned murder. It's transparent as fuck if you know what you're looking for and acknowledge that, for the most part, these people aren't ignorant or misguided. This is a concerted, organized effort of anti-black, white supremecists to take over what should be safer spaces and interfere with planning and solidarity efforts.

They will concern troll:
"But if you exclude white people, then how will we change things? We all need to work together, and I am just honestly concerned that your divisive tactics will hamper that progress."
They will gas light:
"Police brutality is not a black issue. It's a human rights issue. I've been the victim of police brutality, and I'm white, therefore you're assigning race to an issue that it doesn't belong to."
They will call you racist:
"You're lumping all white people together by saying that we take up too much space. That's racist! Anybody else catch how racist that is?!"
They will not "see the light" if you keep talking to them. You can be calm, collected, and articulate as possible. They are not there in good faith. They are literally trying to wear people down to get them to abandon the page/ group/ organizing committee. These are their tools. Don't let them get away with it. If you are moderating a page/ site and you see this happening, I strongly recommend just to ban/ delete them. Yes, they'll like start in with "freedom of speech" arguments, but what they're doing is interfering with your freedoms to assemble.

Let's get things back on track and reclaim the spaces eked out to create change.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I'm not an organizer of this protest, I'm just signal-boosting for all Toronto residents to have the opportunity to come out and show solidarity tomorrow for #Ferguson and all the black folks on both sides of the border who are targets of state violence and lethal anti-black racism.


Text of image below:
•Toronto Event Name: Black Lives Matter: TORONTO PROTEST ACTION
• Toronto Event Link:
Mike Brown, a black unarmed teenager, was murdered. The state is letting his murderer go without any accountability or justice. Black people are murdered by the state in our local communities regularly and systematically. And their murderers get away with it on a regular basis. We are asking that you stand in solidarity with us.
We are ready to retaliate. Join us on Today Nov 25th. 6pm. Across from the US Consulate (361 University Avenue. University & Queen. Osgoode Subway Station).
Because Black Lives Matter.
No Indictment 4 murder of #MikeBrown. Darren Wilson walks free. Time for Action. US Consulate (queen & Uni) 6pm #ferguson2TO #Ferguson
No indictment 4 murder of #MikeBrown. Cop walks free 4 killing unarmed black man. Time for action: US Consulate 6pm. #ferguson2TO #Ferguson
#toronto take action for justice for #MikeBrown and other victims of racist policing. US Consulate 6pm. #ferguson2TO #Ferguson
#toronto rallies in solidarity with the protesters of #ferguson. Racial violence is crossnational. US Consulate 6pm. #ferguson2TO #Ferguson
Please share widely. This isn't an issue isolated to a small town in USA. Black Lives Matter. Now let's help show we believe this.