Ignorant does not mean unbiased

I am proud to announce that I have been hired to host a lecture next week on the technological advances of holograms. I have no idea how they work and I suspect they're created through a combination of magic and wishful thinking.

How does this make me qualified to speak on the topic? It makes me the perfect person to speak at length on holograms, because I'm coming at them from a totally unbiased, and therefore more truthful and pure perspective. If I were some sort of techno-scientician who was immersed in hologrammography, then I would only be able to regurgitate the approved propaganda that's been created by the hologrammists who, as we all know, are only interested in the continuation of hologrammism. Whereas I, not being affiliated with or sponsored by these hologrammists, can speak the pure, unadulterated truthishness of what I believe makes holograms not only real but most likely the cure for stubbed toes.

You can join the event page to get ticket information and contribute to my speaking costs here:

When you're organizing a speaker for an event that purports to address a particular topic, it's really kind of important that they have knowledge about said topic. Case & point: Professor Janice Fiamengo, who teaches English, being hired by CAFE for multiple speaking engagements on the topics of feminism and men's issues

Does Prof Fiamengo have the right to her own opinions on feminism, even if that is not her area of expertise? Well, yes and no. Yes, she can think whatever she wants, but no she doesn't have the right to demand her uneducated and demonstrably wrong opinions hold the same weight as facts. And for someone with her lack of knowledge on the subject to be hired to educate folks on these issues is, in my opinion, irresponsible and embarrassing. 

Will CAFE continue to get these kinds of speakers in to speak to Canadian male university students? Most certainly, as they seem to have been ramping up their activities these past couple years. It seems to be too much to ask that they hire speakers that have experience and knowledge (as opposed to "opinions") on the subject matter they speak to, nevermind offer anything remotely resembling constructive solutions for addressing these issues.