This isn't sour grapes

The typical response I've heard after many elections (local, provincial, federal, and most recently the US presidential) is that the folks who "lost" should just suck it up and move on. That any "whining" at this part is just sour grapes and being a poor loser. I could not disagree more.

The US presidential election is a big one, because the new president makes decisions that will have impacts that last generations. On top of having an unhinged, sexist, racist garbage fire as the head of state, he will be backed by majorities of Republicans in every single major house there is (congress, senate, etc.) He will also have the power to appointment the replacements for the current and upcoming empty seats in the Supreme Court. This could have devastating impacts on Roe v. Wade, Standing Rock, marriage equality, LGBT rights, and a slew of other important issues.

This is not a case where our bff lost her campaign to become student council president. This is not a case where both sides were pretty similar and the end results would only differ slightly based on who won. The new president will have a global impact, and from all appearances this impact is going to be devastating and long lasting.

Good luck to all my American friends. I do not envy the challenges you're going to be facing, but I will do everything in my limited power to support you.