Facebook is bullshit, but nevermind that because it's New Year's Resolution Time

I am presently the proud(?) owner of two Facebook profiles because a couple weeks ago I told someone off and they reported my profile name as fake. That resulted in Facebook unceremoniously disabling my account and effectively zotting every interaction I've ever had under that profile into the abyss. I wasn't sure if I my attempts to send them proof of identity were going to be successful in resurrecting the account, and my 8 years worth of photos.

Nevermind that I originally took on a nickname on Facebook when I was going through a separation and divorce in 2007/2008. Nevermind that I decided to keep my pseudonym when I started receiving rape and death threats from my involvement in SlutWalk. Nevermind that my name is rather unique and makes me an easier target to track down. Nevermind that the person I pissed off got huffy because I told them not to make ableist statements on my personal page or I'd ban them. Nevermind any of that Facebook, just kindly go take a long walk off a short pier and go thoroughly fuck yourselves.

It's New Year's Resolution Time!

Last year at this time was such a bleak, black hole of suck that I don't even care to follow through on my usual habit of looking up my posts around this time and comparing notes with my previous resolutions. I'm just going to go forward and onward from this much more solid and stable jumping off point.

Ok, I lied and just went back and checked out all my resolutions. But that's a good thing! What I've been able to accomplish this year are:

  • Getting my debt under control. This past year I actually went through a debt consolidation service via Credit Canada. I no longer have any credit cards (they got shit-canned for non-payment last winter) but I am actually paying them off now and will be able to start building my credit again.
  • I've paid back most of the people I owe money to, as well. My parents are still outstanding, but we've just moved and so as soon as we have discretionary income they will be paid back in short order
  • Reading? Yeah I haven't been reading or writing, but I'm giving myself a pass because this year has been really up in the air and buggered and I've had bigger fish to fry
  • Vegan? Oy, well this is embarrassing. Not only am I not vegan, in the summer the doc said I was severely anemic and low on B12 so I've started eating some meat again because I've been too disorganized to keep up with supplements. Now that we've moved up north to a rural community with the closest grocery store a half hour drive away, I'm probably going to finally be able to kick that cheese habit since it's expensive and so far away.
  • Fostering kittens? Shit, for close to 10 months my two cats have been living with friends and family while my wife and I moved in with the in-laws. We've only just got our cats back under one roof with us, so no rush back to fostering. 
  • Crafting? No. Most of our stuff has been in storage, and that includes my crafts.
  • Getting my Server+? No, and actually with the job path I'm on now, I don't know that I will try to get that this year either.

So, since that's what I didn't accomplish, let's see what I want to/ feasibly believe I can accomplish given where we are now:

  • Finish paying off my personal debts and start building saving - This winter is going to be very tight financially, so I don't expect that to start in earnest until March. But I'm working on a couple ideas to bring in more income: I've got more piercing supplies so I can do those if called upon, I've set up an eBay and Etsy store to see if I can sell some stuff, and I'm considering setting up a local "taxi" service. In this small town there are no legit taxis, but it's winter and folks sure are sociable and like to go visit and drink. If I can learn to drive our standard Jeep better and drink near-beer when we go out, then I'm certain I can make a killing.
  • Arts and crafts - I've got my own office set up for work, so I can definitely set it up to craft as well. All I've got to do is finish unpacking to actually find my art supplies.
  • Read more - The house we've moved into already had some amazing books here, on top of my own collection that has been sorely neglected. I've got the space and the time, now I just need to read read read.
  • Do home renovations - through magic and a series of small miracles, we have moved into our own house. It is amazing and beautiful and really really needs some TLC. So this year we need to get some renos done. First on my list would be painting, but my lovely and talented wife has so far replaced a toilet and so I'm pretty impressed with her and ok with that as a starting point.
  • Work out on my own - there are no personal trainers up north here, and I put on some weight from a sedentary (albeit very well-paying) gig I had for half the year. 
All in all, I'm in a really great spot personally. If I don't get any of my resolutions done, I'm still going to be in a far better spot than in 2013 or 2014. This is already shaping up to be an amazing and positive and prosperous year. 

I am so excited for 2015. Bring it on.