Take THAT, 2011


'Tis the season to return

Did you get a computer for Christmas? Don't freak out about setting it up

How to be an ally (and less of a jerk)

Holiday wind-down

Seriously, RINJ?

I love being so easily amused

Mealtime: Szechuan tofu, garlic shrimp, noodles and rice.

Making your life easier - back that shit up

Oh, booze, my costly mistress

Recipe time - meatball marinara subs

Living in Toronto - TTC *grumble*

So much for my plans

Slut Wha?!!!

Getting your foot in the IT door

Is Gail Vaz-Oxlade in the house?

Cream of potato, garlic, bacon soup… only not

"Toronto Budget Cuts" kinda rhymes with WTF

Christmas (or general holiday giftishness) on a paltry budget

Making your life easier - software to fix a computer that's not on your network