What can I as an individual do in the face of a world on fire

Folks, everything is terrifying and awful. I don't even have it in me to list all the things that are happening that fill me with horror. This post isn't going to make you feel warm and fuzzy and isn't going to single-handedly fix any of the horrors.

I am not a person of influence and prestige. I don't have politicians in my back pocket or an unlimited discretionary spending budget to throw at the problems. I imagine no one reading this has those either.

But, what I'm going to offer, is a collection of small tasks we as individuals are largely capable of. If you know of more than you feel could be useful, please let me know and I can update this post to add them. Please share this where you can.

Marches and events coming up in Toronto:
Canada-related stuffs:
USian related action items:
General action items:
What can you do for your loved ones who are struggling:
  • Listen to them. Either strike up a conversation online or offer to meet them someplace. These horrors feel isolating, especially since so many ways they're manifesting is by attacking folks' ability to financially support themselves, so taking someone out for a coffee or a meal may be a good way to support them at least temporarily in that moment.
  • Stand up for them. So much of the shit that we're facing involves people being dehumanized and having violence (physical, emotional, or economic) promoted against them. If you see or hear someone talking shit to them directly, or about folks in general under their umbrella of oppression, say something. Speak up. Don't just awkwardly smile and nod and then tell your friend in confidence you're on their side. Prove it. Make it uncomfortable for bigots by actually challenging them on their shit. Put your neck out there for them.
  • Send them money. Seriously, so many folks are struggling to make ends meet. Do you have a bit of extra cash you can part with? What friends of yours have Patreon accounts, GoFundMes, or are selling products or services? Tbh I hate pyramid schemes so I think it would be more valuable to send your pal $20 straight up than to buy a pair of legging you don't want, but maybe they create art you've had your eye on.
  • Promote their ways of supporting themselves. Share those Patreon, GoFundMe, Etsy shop, event page notices. Show them support by increasing their audience, even if you're unable to support with your pocketbook or your attendance. (Speaking of which, here's a Google doc with a couple artist Patreon accounts that I know).
  • Take care of yourself. Your friends and family need you. Your community needs you. You are important, and your existence is important. Stay with us, and take care.