40th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest starts tonight at midnight!

I've been pretty mum about participating in this year's 3-Day Novel Contest here, but have been ramping up my excitement on my personal Facebook account and talking the ears off of anyone who will listen about my plans for this weekend. To my mind, I've been pretty chill about it with good reason. The last time I formally attempted to participate was in 2012 and... well... I failed like a boss. Every intervening year I was working or just for some reason unable to dedicate a long weekend to diving back in.

As of yesterday I've actually paid the entrance fee and for the past couple weeks I've been building a story outline and making a half-dozen To Do Lists in preparation:
  • Make a food plan - CHECK
  • Buy what foods I don't already have at home - IN PROGRESS
  • Chop and prepare fruit - NOT YET
  • Write out rough plot outline - KIND OF
  • Stop overthinking - OVER MY DEAD BODY
Checking the time, I've got just under 10 1/2 hours until midnight and I hurl myself face-first into this contest and see what I'm able to accomplish this year.

If you're interested in trying to write your own novel in 72 hours, you can find more information about the contest on their Facebook event page, or their website. I'm also going to following their Twitter over the weekend for updates and writing prompts.

Wish me luck.