AVFM Conference, #icmi14, and my personal impatience

I've been keeping an eye on news about the AVFM Conference that's currently going on in Detroit. If you're not familiar with it, there have been a few reports on it so far, including in Animal New York, and MetroTimes.

I've been hoping, admittedly naively, that something positive would come of this. That maybe this would be their opportunity to actually do something productive and offer tangible, actionable solutions to support men and boys. But, so far, all I've seen are arguments about whether patriarchy is a thing and how women are terrible and full of doodie and caca.

Call me impatient, but there is still one day left of this conference where they have the platform, the media attention, and the opportunity to really start something positive and so I'm going to try to see if I can plant some seeds.

Right now the #icmi14 tag is pretty full up of arguing and memes. Let's step in and try to add something positive.

Retweet them, steal them and take credit, start your own, I really don't care. Let's turn this ship around and try to do some good with this opportunity.


  1. Thank you for your efforts, those messages are salient and heart warming to read.

  2. You're a lot more caring toward men than MRAs are. :-)


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