MRAs don't care about men.

I was going to just press "Publish" and let that title stand alone. After all, there's really not much else to be said about it. If the Men's Rights Activists were really, sincerely invested in caring for men and improving their lives, they would do something proactive like, say, holding fundraising drives to establish intimate partner violence shelters for men, and/or promoting and advocating expansion of services for male survivors of sexual violence, and/or working with organizations like OCAP to address male homelessness.

You don't have to operate under a feminist banner to effect positive change in your community and to make things happen. But, golly, you do have to actually put in a lot of hours, and your own blood, sweat, tears, and money to really move mountains.

Arguing on the internet can be productive and useful, considering that you are most likely interacting with other humans on the other end, but that's not the end of it. Not by a long shot.

You want people to take you seriously, MRAs? How about you show us that you actually give a crap about helping your fellow dudes by actually doing something to help them.

Are there any MRA campaigns you're aware of that are doing tangible, productive things for your community? Please let me know so I can put my support behind them.

(Spoiler alert: if your evidence of their activity is one of their poster campaigns, I will laugh you off of the internet. Trolling IRL is not activism)


  1. I know what you mean. I suffer from autism(diagnosed with aspergers officially by a psychologist in 2012), and I offered my experience in 2013 to some blog(called Blackpill) and these shithead commenters(& "Blackpill" himself) did nothing but snark & call me names like "social justice warrior" & one asshole said I should go on Reddit or Tumblr & post my nonsense with all the other nutcases(and basically fuck off)......they're all a bunch of anti-American Canadian & British 4chan trolls that think their stuff doesn't smell if you know what I mean. Well pardon me but I'm an American(just a regular loser with autism not deserving of nationalistic bigotry & superiority complexes of a bunch of Eurotrash because I CAN'T FUCKING HELP WHERE I'M BORN, FUCKING HELLO????), and I hate them, and tried to get their blog deleted by Wordpress(a British company) a few times, but they won't do shit(I even told them that they promote/support physical violence/rape against women & are for taking their social services away & stuff, but no dice from those Eurotards at Turdpress). It's like they only care about fucking women over because they cant have sex(hmmm, wonder why) and making fun of other men(like me) they don't "approve" of(basically if you're a white, hetero, American male like me.....probably because they're all closet homos & thus have hatred towards straight people or something, and they won't acknowledge that there ARE actually victims of this world(as in people THEY are victimizing)). Cunts.....

    1. I have to apologize, reading the heading & realizing that you're a lesbian & apparently British also(using "whilst", a British expression). I just want to say, I have NOTHING against neither British(or Britain), or lesbians/gays in general, and have nothing against any general group of people or nations/cultures whatsoever.......just particular ones at this blog I was at who think they're above everyone, and thinking that way is the cause of all the world's problems. Peace.


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