December BLURST, amirite?

Just a little update to assure my readers that I'm not homeless or living on my mom's couch. My wife and I are fortunate enough to have family that have helped us through the budgetary black holes these past few months while waiting for our luck to turn around. And that it has - my wife has landed 2 part-time jobs she'll be starting this week, and we have a new roommate to help us cover rent.

Thanks for the private words of comfort and good will. They meant a lot and helped smooth over some of the rougher parts of the past month and a half.

To spread the good fortune, we've started fostering kittens. We got in a crew of 4 of them two weeks ago, and yesterday all of them got their forever homes!

Now we have a whole new crew of 4 male kittens that are all grey. I'm working on telling them apart, but I'm confident that will come with time (or sweaters. Very likely sweaters).

Um, that is, if you'll allow it. Sir. *gulp*