MST3K because otherwise imma just crawl under a rock

My fiance and I are getting hitched in less than two weeks, so I'm passing the time trying not to let my brain leak out my skull and to politely refrain from screaming my lungs out in public.

Wish me luck, and look forward to some Omg, 3DNC is almost here!-posts in a couple weeks.


  1. You could chill out in front of some episodes of "Bridezillas". Although that would only work if you were quite sure they were being worse than you ever could be ...

    1. If I watch a show about real brides right now, I think I might stress out more about the wedding details. I'll sit back and laugh at them with a smug sense of superiority after the wedding, when I can emotionally distance myself and pretend I never experienced the same kinds of meltdowns and freakouts.


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