International Women's Day 2013

Today is International Women's Day. I'm busy as all get-out, so I just want to briefly pass on events going on in recognition:

The FB page for IWD Toronto can be found here.

And remind everyone why it's still important and relevant to continue to celebrate today and fight for women's rights.

Also, I've just become aware of an American organization that is fighting to end oppression, AIDecomcracy:
What We Do
We educate, empower and mobilize our generation to take informed action around our individual and collective roles as global citizens. 
We debate our roles and individuals, and as a country, in addressing the great challenges facing us today, including poverty, extremism and climate change. 
We focus on harnessing the power of your voice and your vote, but we also explore other pathways to change including service and social entrepreneurship. 
Our approach has three pillars:
  • Education: We help students understand key global challenges, as well as the global system that frames them. Our members are always building and expanding on this conversation, through insightful blog posts and compelling journal articles.
  • Empowerment: We build student leaders and organizers who understand not only the issues, but also their own power, how to organize others, and how to access decision-makers.
  • Mobilization: We create and connect students to opportunities to take action, from the campus to the national level.

They'll soon be reposting my article on rape prevention through breaking down rape culture, "What can I do, right now today, to help stop sexual violence."

Enjoy today, all, and I hope it treats you all kindly.