New Year's Resolution Time!

Yes, I'm a bit late, but that's ok. I've done a lot this past year, and I'm looking forward to being even more productive in 2013.

Before I get into what I want to do, let's take time to reflect on what I have done:
  • started my job as a permanent employee as of Jan.2nd, 2012
  • signed up for the gym and met with a personal trainer 2 - 3x a week from Feb to Oct
  • cooked a lot more for my partner and I (partly because we were living in a place we couldn't afford)
  • read a heck of a lot more than I had for some time
  • continued with this blog, to the point I'm closing in on 100 posts
  • started volunteering with SlutWalk Toronto in a more official capacity
  • got back into volunteering on the crisis line for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/ Multicultural Women Against Rape
Looking back, that's a pretty good start. I've got a lot to be proud of accomplishing so far, and a solid groundwork to start off from going into this next year.

With all that in mind, my 2013 resolutions are:
  • Keep working out on my own without the aid of a personal trainer. This is a huge hurdle because I am so easily demotivated and distracted. But, I refuse to let all the progress from working out with the trainer be lost, so I've got to make this happen. I feel better when I'm more active, it keeps repetitive stress injuries at bay, and it has kick-started my body into craving more healthy foods. I've even started eating (and craving) salads again. That's right, salads! 
  • Get my Server+ certification. I want to keep improving my IT skills and get more certs (I've got my A+, Network+ and Security+ at the moment), so 2013 is the year I've decided I'm getting that one. I've already got the study materials, I just need to get work to pay for my test and then pass it with my delicious, beautiful brain.
  • Keep the blog as a tool to sort out my thoughts, entertain myself, and create stuff I want to share, not as another excuse to stress myself out. I'm not getting paid to blog, so I've made it a point to not feel guilty if I only post once a month or can't muster up the energy to respond to every single timely issue. I won't be posting any updates apologizing for absences or begging my readers to forgive me for having a life and not making blogging a priority.
  • Participate in (and finish) 3DNC and NaNoWriMo
  • Don't wait until the Labor Day to start writing
  • Spend less time on the computer. 
  • Go vegan for real-real, not for play-play
  • Get married without falling further, hopelessly into debt.
  • Keep volunteering, but be careful not to over-extend myself until I burn out.
Sounds reasonable. Let's see what happens. Wish me luck!