A self-indulgent post of self-care, including much MST3K and lolcats

I'm going to be delving into a lot of intense topics coming up, partly relating to the loss of Amanda Todd to criminal harassment by a sexual predator, and partly inspired by the regular and ongoing clusterfuckofshit that is life in a rape culture.

So, in preparation, I'm going to post the funniest, cutest, most brain-meltingly adorkable things in this post for easy reference for myself and readers when they need a brain-cleanse. I'll be tagging this post at the end of future articles in lieu of pics right in the article to clean-up the format and so less people balk and say, "I can't take that blog post seriously. There are lolcats! Nothing good or profound or scientific EVER came from lolcats!"

Fie to them, I say! FIE!

Aaaaaand, now for the lolcats and GIFs!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I think that about covers it. I'll probably add more as I see fit. Hope you enjoyed the show.