3 Day Novel Contest is under way!

And instead of hunkering down and contributing more to the 689 words I've written so far, I'm dilly dallying online like a punk.

I was going to start last night at midnight, but I wound up crashing at 11:45pm, instead. I think I had kept myself so excited and ramped up right up until that moment, that I'd used up all my energy trying to stop myself from exploding.

At least I'm awake and out of the apartment. I was about to make some budgie cacciatore, since Oliver decided to start blasting around 6am and hadn't stopped by the time I left at 8:30. On the plus side, I did a headcount and there are still 5 cats (4 of ours and one we're kitty-sitting).

Now I'm hunkered down in the Study Room of our apartment building, with my sexy new work laptop (an HP ProBook 4430s, instead of the clunky HP Compaq 6710b I've been lugging around since last year). I've got free coffee I filled up in the office when I got the keys for this room, some water, grapes, a peach, Pringles, and I finished a mug of oatmeal already.

Yup. Nothing else I need to do but write.

Nothing else.

Doot dee doo...

Dag nabbit.