3 Day Novel Contest begins in 12 hours & counting!

Ok, it's almost freak-out time. I'm at work and trying to, er, work, but all I can think about is the clock ticking down until I can start writing.

So, in a potentially vain effort to get these thoughts on paper so I can get back to being productive, here's my night-before, last-minute, really-gotta-do-it To Do List:
  1. Figure out what I'm going to write about - done (Kinda. Maybe. We'll see come midnight)
  2. Come up with a vague outline - I still haven't written it down, so I probably should before the clock strikes 12 and my mind goes blank
  3. Make meal plan - done.
  4. Get groceries from said mealplan - my partner's procuring my supplies now.
  5. Make a booze plan - done.
  6. Get booze from said booze plan - see #4 
  7. Come up with a brief plan of wordcounts - done. Whether or not I keep to it, I have no idea
  8. Figure out an appropriate music playlists - kind of, and I cleared the deleted music from my playlists, but I should add more so I don't waste hours during the contest surfing for more.
  9. Make sure the apartment is cleaned spotless - Mostly, but naturally there's more to be done tonight. When I get home I've still got to:
    • put laundry away
    • clean the sheets so I can sleep more restfully (hypothetically - REALLY hypothetically)
    • run dishwasher
    • clean kitty litters
    • take out garbage, recycling & compost
    • BBQ that package of hot dogs so I can just quickly reheat them for meals this weekend
    • cut up some veggies for tomorrow - cucumbers, carrots & celery
  10. Get the office ready - Oops. Really gotta do this.
    • clear clutter and crap off my desk
    • set up my keyboard & mouse for my laptop
    • put away craft supplies so I don't accidentally wind up painting instead of writing
  11. Get the lazies out with surfing - does this ever really work? For anyone? Really? Best case scenario I'm too burnt out from the stupidity of arguing with sexist victim-blamers and rape apologists to want to go anywhere near FB or Tumblr.
Ok, I think if I do all that I'll be more prepared come midnight to open my bottle of newfie blackberry wine and get crack-a-lackin.

Wish me luck!


  1. Cor blimey, you're organized! Me, I'm moving forward surrounded by loosely organized chaos! :-D

  2. Sounds like we both have a lot to do! (So, What am I doing here?? haha) Best of luck. I hope it works out well for you! :)


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