Vices: because I'm interesting and do other stuff, too

Like most adults, I have vices. Shocking, I know. I'll give you a moment to compose yourself.

Not included in my vices: wearing pastels and sexually objectifying women

Since I don't have a lot of vices, or the many of the traditionally "bad" vices, I like to keep them and tell myself that they're ok since I'm not freebasing or smoking 2 packs a day.

Sometimes I'll give things up arbitrarily, like once or twice a year I'll quit drinking coffee for a week or a month to reset my tolerance after getting into a pot-of-coffee-a-day habit. Sometimes I'll tell myself I'm going vegan so that I cut the eggs and cheese out of my diet. Sometimes I'll tell myself I'm only going to drink on weekends, and that usually results in my having 5 "cheat" nights a week because forbidden booze is the tastiest of all.

I've come, once again, to a point where I need to prioritize my vices. My partner and I have just secured an amazing, albeit expensive apartment, and so our budget requires that we cut some of the fat. Sure, we could spend as we have been and still squeak by, but since we're getting married next summer we absolutely must start saving money and paying down some of our debts.

So, I've got to stop drinking during the week. Not a huge expense, maybe $20 a week, but enough over the course of a month that it adds up. Since we're going to be busy every since weekend in July (a wedding, the Warrior Dash, a gala, etc), that extra $80 will definitely be allocated someplace.

Groceries have to get under control. I love food. I sincerely love food. I also love grocery shopping. And since I'm an amazing cook, I will often aimlessly wander the grocery store aisles in search of new foods to try out and new concoctions to add to my recipe repertoire. Alas, I must scale back. This is definitely a good thing, though, and quite timely. My partner gets free produce from her work, and I've been on a salad binge, so now I must focus my recipe curiosities towards making more items from scratch and with fresh ingredients. Really, the only downside is the time it takes to cook, but the new apartment has an amazing kitchen, large, new fridge, and a dishwasher and my commute time will be cut down by at least half. So, this goal is more than feasible.

Entertaining with friends is going to have to be rerouted to their place or ours. I love eating at restaurants, but this is definitely the right time to put that on hiatus. Aside from the events that we already have committed ourselves to, we've got to suck it up and cook for ourselves. See above.

Those are really my major vices at the moment. Sure, I'm still drinking coffee like it's going out of style, but I'm considering getting a second job towards the end of the summer, so maybe now's not the best time to quit. Or... the perfect time? I'm out of almond milk, and the coffee is provided free by my workplace, so I'll ponder on that one.

Now that those vices are going to be subdued, I'll have more time to devote to awesome things that are not-really-vices-but-the-opposite... nices?

We're just up the street from our gym, so now we'll be able to stay for yoga after our training sessions, and even go on nights that we're not training. How exciting! I've honestly never before been so excited to go to the gym, so I'm more than happy to keep up this momentum. Plus, with my cousin's wedding coming up in three weeks and seeing all the family I don't see for most of the year, I'll be happy to show off my progress.

With the two-bedroom apartment, I'll now have my own office. I am unspeakably excited about having a space once again to write, to craft, to blog, to generally be on my own and spend time in my own head. That is such a hard thing for me to accomplish in a one-bedroom apartment. This year I'm going to be celebrating this by officially participating in the 3-Day Novel Contest. I started it two years ago in St. John's and was able to get most of the way through. Last year was a bust because I worked 3 shifts that weekend. This year I've already let everyone know I'm sequestering myself away and shall be incommunicado all that weekend. This year I shall prevail. Oh, yes. I shall prevail.

Well, that's about where I'm at in life. See? I don't just meander online and look to pick arguments with rape apologists. That's just a hobby.