Resurrecting The FABulous Kitchen!

Remember the failed food-blogging project I mentioned way-back-when? No? S'ok, it wasn't terribly memorable (except for the soup recipe, which is awesome). Well, I have challenged another fledgling blogger to a weekly recipe-off!

That's right, my new kitchen, the one I am dying to show off, will be a regular feature on this blog. I'm pretty stoked about it. The timing is perfect, actually. Not only do I want to spend more time making cheap, vegan, from-scratch recipes, but I'm also riding on the manic momentum of having gotten out of a writing rut, and I just watched Julie & Julia again last week and am sooooooo ready to put on my pearls and cook like a woman possessed.

Hold on while I put on my face

Well, time to lose myself on,, epicurious, and budget bytes as I seek out inspiration for my glorious return to the world of food-blogging.