3-Day Novel Contest 2012

I know it's still a little over 2 months away, but I'm ridiculously excited for this year's 3-Day Novel Contest. I participated in 2010 and, while I may not have finished what I started, I got the beginnings of a really cool story out of it.

In preparation for this year, I want to try writing something cheesy and Harlequinn-esque. Maybe with a bit of sci fi/ fantasy. Hard to say. But I've got a bookshelf full of inspiration that I'm going to be consuming over the summer, including an anthology I got for my birthday of lesbian pulp-fiction from the 50's and 60's. Exciting!

With a new apartment that will have a spare bedroom/office in which I can write (btw, update from Monday's post in case I wasn't terribly clear, we're no longer slated to be homeless! Yippee!), I'm hoping to get back on the writing bandwagon something fierce.

Perhaps I shall put more efforts into blogging.

Perhaps I shall work on a couple novels I've started during 3DNC and NaNoWriMo and finally get them finished.

Perhaps I shall seek out freelance writing work to flush out the wedding budget.

Perhaps I shall just meander Tumblr in privacy and while away the evenings gigglesnorting over videos of cats talking on YouTube.

Ahahahahahahahahaha... oh, crap. It's 3am on a Tuesday morning. 

Maybe I'll be more politically productive and put more time and energy towards compiling info and stats and studies on rape culture so when trolls pop up I can toss the book at them. Time will tell, I guess.