Just play by these rules and you'll be fine

Let's play a game, shall we? Let's pretend this is only a game and not relevant to real life and that there really is a way to win.*

Now, in this game, you are a white, able-bodied ciswoman. You have class privilege from growing with up two parents who are not rich but are solidly middle-class and in a healthy, non-abusive family environment. What luck!

Now, in this game, pick one of the two:
  1. a) date or have dated people who are not 100% respectful of you.
    b) only date people who are 100% respectful of you at all times.
  2. a) have had sexual contact outside of marriage
    b) are saving your viriginity for marriage
  3. a) don't have kids
    b) have kids
  4. a) are utilizing some form of birth control
    b) are not utilizing any form of birth control
  5. a) are conventionally attractive
    b) are not conventionally attractive
  6. a) are an atheist or agnostic
    b) practice a particular religion
  7. a) are married and your partner makes more money than you do
    b) are married and you make more than your partner does
  8. a) imbibe legal and government-regulated intoxicating substances
    b) do not partake of any intoxicating substances
  9. a) you're married
    b) you're not married
  10. a) you are not constantly thinking about your personal safety
    b) you are hyper-vigilant about your personal safety
  11. a) you are knowledgeable about rape myths, and take calculated risks 
    b) you abide by every single "safety tip" just in case
Ok, pencils down! Let's see how you did!

In the interest of full-disclosure, I feel it's only fair to let you know it's all downhill from here.

  1. a) Women only date assholes because they like being abused! - minus 5 points!
    b) Why don't you give him a chance? As if you're so perfect. - minus 10 points!
  2. a) You've had sex with how many people? You disgusting slut! - minus 20 points!
    b) You're waiting for sex until marriage? What a prude. You're probably a dyke. - minus 8 points!
  3. a) You don't have kids because you're focussed on your career? What a sad, empty life you must lead. - minus 50 points!
    b) You don't have a job because you stay at home with the kids? What a waste of potential. - minus B^2 points!
  4. a) You use birth control? You must be a slut. - minus (Pi)R ^2 points!
    b) You didn't use birth control? You're such a stupid slut. - minus 100 points!
  5. a) You're so beautiful. You could get any guy, so you must be a slut. - minus 150 points!
    b) You're so ugly. You must have to be a slut to get anyone to pay attention to you. - minus 42 points!
  6. a) You're an atheist? No wonder you have no morals. - minus 500 points!
    b) You're a (insert religion here)? No wonder you're a mindless sheep. - minus the square root of infinity points!
  7. a) Your husband is rich? You must be shallow and just with him for the money. - minus 37 points!
    b) You make more money than your husband? How immasculating. How does he put up with that? - minus 73 points!
  8. a) You like to drink booze? You're such a dirty lush. - minus 60proof points!
    b) You're straight-edge? What an uptight bitch. - minus 100 percent points!
  9. a) You're married? How were you able to fool him into getting stuck with you? - minus calculus points!
    b) You're not married? You musn't be good enough to get any man to want to stick with you. - minus a googleplex points!
  10. a) Don't be so naive and trusting! All men are rapists! - minus uber lots of points!
    b) Why don't you trust men? You must hate them. - minus (GDP of Brazil) points!
  11. a) Don't go down dark alleys because you'll get raped! - minus a bazillionty points!
    b) You never take chances. You're timid and pathetic. What do you think's gonna happen? The boogeyman gonna get you? - MINUS ALLLLL THE POINTS!!!!!!1!!1!1!!!ELEVENTY!1!!

This image isn't mine, I was linked to it on Tumbler after I wrote this blog post.

And, you lose! Yay! What a fun game! Now, let's play again, only now you're non-caucasian, disabled, LGBTTQQ, poor, etc. You lose even more! Stop playing because your losing is harshing my buzz!!!!!

Now, for something completely different (because I don't wanna play that game any more, either).



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