I don't go to the movies terrible often by any standards. Even less do I go to independent films, not out of any disrespect for them, but moreoever because I don't tend to have anyone to go with and my partner prefers the big-budget, superhero films.

On Monday night I watched Pariah at AMC, and I am glad I accepted the invite.

I love Kim Wayans. Imagine my delight to find her in a serious role, when I don't recall having seen her in anything outside of In Living Colour. She did a great job, and broke my darned heart.

So many things about this movie rang true from my own experiences, while others made me think of my relative privilege in being able to "blend" by virtue of being comfortable putting out a more "femme" face to the world on occasion and being able to decide how I present myself. Nevermind my experience of being in a heterosexual relationship throughout most of high school and college, and thereby bypassing most criticism and conjecture about my potential sexuality.

This was a great movie. Go see it. Nao.