'Tis the season to return

Nerd though I may be, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to gaming systems. I decided when I was a teenager that they took up too much of my life and so I just wasn't interested in devoting my time and energy to them (then came the internet - D'oh!).

As it happens, my partner does not share those sentiments. She has a PS3 and for Christmas her mom got us an XBox 360 with Kinect. So it looks like my days of eschewing said games have come to an end.

Not before I messed up on getting her a game for the wrong system. Oops! So, today is the dreaded return day. The day to stand in line for eva eva, pray I get my money back and not a store credit, and then proceed to blow that money on things we also don't need.

As far as returns go, however, we're not doing too bad. Just two returns to one store and we'll be done with the cursed affair.

And then, shopping for socks and underwear. Awww, yeah. I'm such an adult. Maybe it's a good thing I'll be lured into playing video games so I don't while away the rest of my hours knitting and yelling at whipper-snappers to get off my lawn.