So much for my plans

After yesterday's Slutwalk post, I'd intended to post tonight focusing on data security and why lax data makes me mental.

But my brain's all over the place and exhausted and I keep getting distracted by arguments on Facebook.

Protect your personal data!
"Slavery is good! It makes cheap products available, like chocolate and coffee! And this wine is made from the ground innards of kittens and puppy dog tears, but dag nabbit I don't get a hangover! Win/win!"
Dang it.

So, I've gotten dragged into some bizarre debates that really just boil down to people being too interested in protecting their own egos to be willing to acknowledge that systemic oppression exists.

Having privilege does not make you a bad person. Acknowledging your privilege does not make your scars any less deep. Deconstructing privilege may be uncomfortable and even painful, but it's worth it.

I mean, denying sexism or racism exist? Seriously? Equating someone people called a jerk as being exactly the same as being slut-shamed or called a racial slur? FFS.

Step away from the ego. The world does not revolve around you. Well, let me rephrase. The world is set up to cater to your assholishness and to allow you to wallow in oppressive ignorance as you step on the marginalized groups you are too proud to acknowledge even exist.

I'm not. I have no obligation to humour you or gently pad your slow, arduous, circuitous path to a compassionate endpoint you may never have any interest in reaching. I may try to be as nice and diplomatic and eloquent as possible, but that's a choice I make and something that can be quickly rectified.

You want to tell rape jokes? I want to tell you you're an asshole and I'm calling your mom.



  1. Racism?!?! What about the middle class white dudebros thoooough?!


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