Seriously, RINJ?

I've worked on and followed a great number of campaigns that seek to address social justice issues. I've seen some flourish and take on a life of their own, and some flop and peter out.

I've never seen one attempt to slash and burn any and all bridges to those who should be allies in the cause. Don't get me wrong. I've seen plenty of interpersonal conflicts and in-fighting. Organizers are only human, after all, and not everyone is made to get along with everyone else.

I've never, however, seen these conflicts taken out from behind closed doors, so to speak, to be played out for an audience, regardless of its effects on the greater good of the campaign.

Until recently. Today I woke up to these bizarre screen shots sent to me by a lovely friend and ally.

I understand wanting to out people who are rape apologists and who create pro-rape content. I am not one of those people. So, what the hell is this? My only contact with RINJ was posting one time a month ago about the merits of opening conversations with people who make rape jokes to better understand why they do this and to figure out to get them to understand the harm in this behaviour. They suddenly deleted and banned me for this infraction without so much as a "We disagree on tactics, kindly don't discuss this here."

Before I was just baffled. Now I'm just pissed. This goes beyond people not knowing what they're doing. This is malicious. Still bizarre, and I still have no idea what their game is. But damned if I'm going to silently shrug it off.

"Rape Is No Joke" is a malicious smattering of childish organizers that are more interested in slandering and alienating those who are working to end rape culture than in actually doing any good.

Edit to add: Apparently I'm still not the only one running into these issues:


  1. It's my opinion that RINJ don't want allies - they want followers.

    Excellent post. Anyone who places you in league with rape-apologists and trolls is either wilfully ignorant or acting with malicious intent. I think you're right to place RINJ in the latter category.

    Natasha x

  2. I was directed here via your link on my blog.

    I'm sorry to hear they're still going through this. I was trying to be positive and hope that they have gotten over their incessant need to bully everyone that disagrees with them into silence. However I see that is not the case.

    I see that their "hall of disgust" page has been taken down, but I want the bullying to stop.

  3. And still it goes on...

    I posted a comment to one of their "notes" today and have been blocked from posting. Luckily I have not been harassed but I guess the day is still young. Rape is no joke but RINJ is!

  4. It is even worse than what you have experienced. As someone who was on the inside from the beginning, I am now ashamed to have been involved in the creation of this group. They are so paranoid they are like a dragon eating their own tail. They accused me of leaking information about them to "enemies" and blocked me from all accounts. Laughable as I do not even know what "enemies" they speak of. After their baseless accusation, they littered my inbox with emails and IMs telling me to "Go fuck myself" and "fuck off" and calling me a "manipulative two faced bitch" which were unwarranted and undeserved. I was one of their biggest supporters. I hope I can let anyone thinking of getting involved with them know that they are a dangerous bunch. They not only use bullying tactics, they encourage allies to participate in illegal activities and post insulting, inaccurate information on their pages. Please use caution when dealing with this group!

  5. I've had serious concerns about this group for a long time. I've been blocked for asking for citations on 'research' they use and then questioning the validity of that research.

    I agree with Natasha, they want blind followers and adoration.

  6. Hi Damsel,

    I have linked to your post in a blog post og my own here:



  7. just another victim of RINJ's hate campaign9 February 2012 at 04:43

    I am currently being bullied by RINJ online. Who would of thought that such a group could turn on one of their own. It is astounding the levels they are willing to stoop to. I still don't know what I did wrong. They are now bad mouthing me all over the place. I hope people find out what they are like before they get burned!

  8. Hey, Just another Victim,

    I think you'll find that many people are finding out what they're like. You are definitely not alone, and nobody with half a brain is likely to take seriously anything that they say about you. But it still blows to be treated like that, doesn't it? (((((hug))))).


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