I love being so easily amused

My partner and I just dropped $20 at the Toronto Public Library's book sale and made off with over 100 books. I. Am. In. My. Glory. Most of them are short, cheesy scifi novels.

I'll let you in on a little secret : I love terrible movies and books. Can't get enough of them. My favourite TV show is Mystery Science Theatre 3000, my favourite actor is Bruce Campbell, and until recently I've been entertaining myself with a truckload of Harlequin romance novels from the 70s and 80s that I got at a donation table in Bancroft over Thanksgiving. I hadn't even thought of scifi novels. What a treasure trove!

Part of what draws me to these is that they're short and snappy and I can read them in the bath. Part of my enjoyment of them is nostalgia since I grew up watching AMC and TCM while taping movies off the dish for my grandma. Part of the lure is that they're delightfully offensive in a non-popular-media way. It's like, when a current Hollywood blockbuster is sexist and racist and relies on lazy, offensive stereotypes, I have no patience. When it's a movie or novel from a few decades ago that dives headlong, and blissfully ignorantly into those territories, it's almost charming and nostalgic.

I see it along the same vein as enjoying reading blogs like Manboobz. I'm so far removed from the original posters that I can find humour in their socially backwards stories.

The next one I'm excited about reading is "The Girls from Planet 5". The name and cover alone had me hooked:

The description on the back, which I only read last night, reads like an MRA training manual:

So excited. Gotta go have a bath and tuck in. :)


  1. I am willing to trade Heinlein's "Friday" when you're done...


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