Christmas (or general holiday giftishness) on a paltry budget

This Christmas I'm broke. Again. As much as I would like to find magical funds or credit to splurge on family and friends, that's really just not the reality of my life right now. Fortunately, my loved ones are pretty used to me being broke or of just crafting them gifts based on my crafty obsession during jour (one year it was pillows, another teddy bars, another paintings). This year I don't have a stockpile of craft supplies or a million dollars to spend on shipping, so I've got a few ideas:
  • Holiday cards with my partner and our fur-babies. Yes, there will be ridiculous sweaters involved.
  • Baked goods - I'm a ludicrously good cook and have amassed a lot of cheap, amazing recipes
  • Rewards points redemptions - these will be reserved for my partner, but Starbucks gift cards, movie passes, and a money for a dinner out is nothing to sneeze at
  • Self-care surprise boxes - I made these about 7 years ago and was able to make them all for under $10/pop. Not sure if I can still do with that kind of budget, but I think it's worth looking into. Last time they all had - the box itself ($1), a shot glass (3/$1), a candle (3/$1), a box of wooden matches (12/$1), a mini bottle of booze ($2-$4), a chocolate bar (2/$1), a Christmas ornament that I made ($?), and either a satchel of bath salts or a stress-reliever toy ($1)
  • Potluck - everyone comes over and we eat, drink and be merry together. This is much more valuable than a an iPad, methinks.
Anyone else paring down for Christmas, or are you going to give everyone their presents after you hit up the Boxing Day sales?