Sunday - day of rest (i.e. - day of sleeping in and then being more productive than any other day of the week)

It always goes down this way - I plan on being super productive on Saturday so that on Sunday all I need to do is get coffee and food in me and remember to feed and water all the animals. And then Saturday comes to a close and there's a sink full of dishes in lukewarm, usedtobesudsy water, and I've got 20 minutes to get ready before heading out. Thus begins another Sunday.

A few of the things I happen to be are thrifty, a great cook, and an idiot debtor. I've carried some debt for over a decade and neglected to get rid of it after the divorce. Instead, I opted to use my credit cards as a supplemental income and catch up on all the fun stuff I missed after settling down young with a military man into a  domesticated life that, while cozy and ideal for many people, made me feel insane. Now, a few years older and wiser, I'm glad to have changed my life but irked at younger-me for not thinking of how the debt would affect older-me.

Today is grocery day. So, to make up for my prior budgetary failings, I'm plotting out my shopping trip to No Frills and trying to conjure up ideas for lunches and suppers that are cheap, vegetarian (pref vegan), and that I can make largely from scratch. This website has been a godsend in that regard:

From her, I've gotten an amazing recipe for pizza dough that I use to make amazing strombolis, and today I'm using her blog as inspiration to make some freezer burritos. I've been relying on the No Name ones to get me through work days where I haven't thought far enough ahead to have a fresh lunch or leftovers ready. The No Name ones are ok and relatively cheap, but not as healthy as I can make them and they use cheese, which I try to avoid.

Don't get me wrong, I looooove me some cheese, but I do endeavour to be vegan. This past year especially, money has been ludicrously tight, so I've been more freegan than anything and haven't been too picky about whether I'm eating eggs or dairy. Now that I'm getting my life and budget more under control I'd like to stop dilly-dallying and go full-on vegan.

Now, without further adieu, the glory that is buget bytes frozen burritos:

(Seriously. Go give her some love. She's awesome.)

Oh, and also, kittens.