Tonight begins a new phase of the Occupy Toronto protest. The city has been given the ok to evict the protesters camped out in St. James Park at midnight.

The world is watching. Twitter is blowing up. My stomach is in knots.

Even despite my support and admiration for them and their politics and their message, I'm not physically there myself. Such is always the conundrum with activism, I think: balancing support and supplies and expenditures of energy with every day life that has to go on regardless. I know that, politically and with regard to activism, I've done a lot more than most. For a few years, my life and work was almost entirely dedicated to it. Some people by comparison never get off the couch, even to vote once every four years.

Still, I'm feeling shame for not doing more. For not having more energy and will power to get everything done AND use my body to show support in the movement. It's important. It's vital that these issues are addressed and something is done about it. Income disparity and the disposal of people in favour of profits is only getting worse and won't change for the better if we're apathetic.

And yet, I've got bills to pay. Animals to feed. A partner and relationship to tend to. I'm running the hamster wheel just like almost every other schmuck who's fallen into these modern trappings, just trying to keep my debt from dragging us under. Trying to pay bills on time, in full, every month. Trying to ensure our animals are fed, clean, and healthy. Some day hopefully I'll have benefits again so my partner and I are lucky enough to take care of our own health at the same time.

And Twitter's still blowing up. Words of support, of caution to those still at the park, and, of course, those who think their energy is best spent insulting a movement that aims to improve their lives as well.

 Torian Brown 

Or friends up north may be in trouble "Official: we are hearing reports of Garbage Trucks and police in RIOT Gear near 

 Sattva Namaste 

 I thought  had 500+ occupiers but now it only has a hundred or so in the park? NO SUPPORT??? ??


Over 1000 strong at St.James Park, ready to defend 

 Sattva Namaste 

 So  are playing drums after 11 o'clock and preventing WORKING ppl from sleeping? Narcissistic group aren't they.


Walking away from the  camp must be the ultimate walk of shame. Hope they feel it %


We are the 99% and even if they leave the park we are not going away.  


Lots of people standing up for our liberty  
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And, suddenly, kittens!