Contract work is the debil

Don't get me wrong. Contract work can be very rewarding, and provide opportunities to work on all sorts of different projects for different companies and explore different skill-sets. If one is entrepreneurial and wants to be their own boss, contract work can provide them that opportunity. If one is just out of school, contract work can provide one with much-needed experience and a way to build contacts in the industry. If one is looking to get hired quickly, contract work often has a quick turn-around time from the job being advertised to knuckling down to work.

For someone who just wants a stable, good-paying job with benefits, contract work sucks. A lot. Like... a lot.

I want to be able to go to the dentist without sacrificing rent. Next time I have the flu, I'd really like to be able to stay home and get better without worrying about which bill I won't be able to pay. I'd love to have my manager call me into his office to talk about a project without my internal voice screaming "holyfuckdon'tfiremeIcandobetter!". I want to decorate my desk. I don't want to have to keep my resume updated just in case. I want to concentrate just on doing this job to the best of my ability, not on whether that last manager's meeting was about me or about cutbacks.

Maybe that's not what the workforce is like anymore. Maybe it won't be again. Maybe that ship has sailed. Golly, I hope that's not the case.

Sigh. Kitties.