I'm a lot of things. Intelligent. Cisgender. Caucasian. Tattooed. Blonde (maybe not today, but genetically). Thin. Strong. Feminist. Cheesy-movie-lover. Bruce Campbell fanatic. Easily amused. Desktop and Network Support Technician. Diplomatic. Lesbian in practice and bisexual in theory. Partner. Fur-baby momma. Funny. Kind. Compassionate. Vegetarian. Slutwalker. Proud. Stubborn. Sister. Aunt. Daughter. Cousin. Ex-wife. Avid reader. Amazing Cook. Loyal. Middle class. Animal-lover. Nerd. In the second-decade of my 20's. Political. Lactose intolerant.

These things happen all at once. I'm not one without the others. I can't turn off my gender while at work. I can't turn off my feminism while watching movies. I can't turn off my compassion or politics when grocery shopping. I can't turn off my sexual orientation visiting with family. I can't turn off my white privilege when posting opinions online.

When I talk about one of these things, the others don't go away. They're always there, even when not addressed directly, so why not incorporate all of them into this blog? That's a rhetorical question. I've already made up my mind. (see: stubborn).

And now, kittens!